ATtiny Programmer
Create your own custom Arduino UNO shield. The ATtiny Programmer programs three different ATtiny variants. Make a tool that helps you make faster - and more!
LED Heart
Build your very own product and program a radiant lightshow on the LED Heart. Turn a prototype an array of LEDs using the Arduino UNO into a custom designed PCB deployed on the ATtiny84 AVR microcontroller.
Binary Clock
Build your own Binary CLK using the DS3231 real-time clock. Turn a prototype an array of LEDs using the Arduino UNO into two customized PCBs that make up the clock. The Binary CLK is deployed on the ATtiny4313 AVR microcontroller and keeps track of time even when it is off.
Bluetooth RC Car
Create your own custom vehicle and remote from scratch combining electrical and mechanical CAD. Utilize the HM-10 Bluetooth 4.0 BLE modules to communicate between the custom remote and vehicle.
Internet of Things Device: AmbiLamp
Take the MEN Stack Webserver tutorial a step further by incorporating Internet of Things (IoT) concepts and hardware! Use a Webserver to make the connection between hardware and software seamless. The ability control and actuate hardware, read and build a database from sensor data makes for a powerful system with infinite possibilities!